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 W I N D J O U L E  L I M I T E D 

The Windjoule Ltd revolutionary low wind speed patented turbine.


A full size pre production prototype of our revolutionary wind machine has been assembled on site in Maldon, Essex. 

Research and development is continuing to improve the performance and durabillity of the machine.

The video clip below shows the test of an upgrade to the blade pivots incorporating angular contact bearings specified by SKF.

The machine can be seen turning in wind speeds of 4-5 mph with just two blades.

The remaining six blade pivots will be made and fitted when we can afford it.

Contact Bob Morris for more details and investment opportunities. 07831 806409.



















Windjoule Limited.

Boleyn Drive,

St. Albans,



AL1 2BS.


Invented   Designed   Engineered and made in Britain.

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